He thought that every windmill was a giant. That's insane.
But thinking they might be, well...

Flo. French. Fairly twenty. Evertudiante.

A bit meli, very much melo. There is a good chance I'm disagreeing right now with whatever you are thinking.

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The Pretender AU – 3/6
On the Way – Road TV-show
Madeline Parker leads a clockwork, humdrum, grey life, caught between her work in an insurance company, her ten year old daughter Deborah and repressed mousy husband Brooks. That is before she meets the hobo, free-living, fun-loving Jarod, who lives in a caravan and does whatever pleases him. He is a genius without a job, a wanderer living the good life, a modern Knulp. Slowly she falls for the footloose gentleman, following him, each time a little further, beyond every boundary she once knew, geographical and psychological.