He thought that every windmill was a giant. That's insane.
But thinking they might be, well...

Flo. French. Fairly twenty. Evertudiante.

A bit meli, very much melo. There is a good chance I'm disagreeing right now with whatever you are thinking.

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01.01 ON 18/8/14 with 747 notes

It’s a time memory. Like a mirage. It’s nothing to worry about.  (x)

18.55 ON 18/10/13 with 99 notes

He thought you were rejecting him. He thought he wasn’t wanted. (x)

00.59 ON 02/10/13 with 300 notes

She’s just a beast. She’s going to eat you. (x)

21.43 ON 05/9/13 with 218 notes

You realise it’s screaming? (x)

18.03 ON 21/8/13 with 3 793 notes

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. (x)

19.51 ON 13/8/13 with 212 notes

Repeated memory wipes fry your head eventually. (x)

20.39 ON 10/8/13 with 285 notes

But the good news is, we’ve got a secret weapon (x)

23.15 ON 06/8/13 with 906 notes

Well, we’re going to get there somehow. We’re in the rest of the book. (x)

19.12 ON 01/8/13 with 49 notes

You said I died. How could I die? (x)

22.47 ON 31/7/13 with 642 notes

It’s about a missing child. (x)